To all of you, who have been expecting to see new posts in the last couple of weeks ... sorry...

I've been going through materials and old sketches and making lots of samples. To sum it up, I've been preparing the new work you'll be seeing here and on etsy starting from September.

And the thing is, that when I'm in this process I just can't thing about anything else. I'm totally absorbed the whole day long. So, you'll have to forgive me ... it's definitely for a good cause.

Before I completely dive into my work, I'll be taking a couple of weeks off, which means I will not be able to send you any purchased items from etsy or daWanda. So, if you're planning to buy something from my shops, it'll have to be after the 5th September. Thank you!

Nevertheless, and since I can never really be totally apart from my work during vacation, I plan on publishing a few posts in the next couple of weeks. And I promise I'll bring you interesting stuff.

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