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Even during all the packing, unpacking, moving ... I haven't stopped working. I kept very busy with my new crochet pieces, but we'll come back to that some other time, because I do want to show you some of my new work.

Anyone who's used to felting knows, that you need room and time and so I haven't been felting for ages! And I really miss it! So I'm in a "felty" mood and just had to bring you a couple of felt artists today.

Susanne Wetzel's work is absolutely unique. She's been felting her dolls for years now and her experience makes them perfect. If you've ever tried felting a big object, you'll know how difficult it is to make it really compact inside, so that when you wash it, it won't shrink. Well, Susanne garanties, that the viecheria dolls can be washed in the washmachine (30º) without shrinking. Now that's quality!
I love what she says about her dolls, that "sie freundlich, aber niemals niedlich und süß sind", which means, that they're friendly but never cute and sweet. That's definitely true and I think it's what makes them special.
Interested? You can get one of these beauties for 80 to 120 euros at her shop.

If you're an etsy visitor, you probably know the next artists Ingo Hans & Rhian Wyn Rushton or, if you prefer, sebold's originals. They make pretty cool dolls as well, each of which has a story to tell. You can get them at their etsy shop. Here are my favourites.

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