Dream jewelry

Apparently diamonds aren't a girl's best friend anymore! A piece of jewelry can be absolutely stunning, even if it's made of something like paper! And to prove it here's Ana Hagopian.

Pressed paper is the medium favoured by Ana Hagopian from Barcelona. Ana's vibrant necklaces are crafted from a mixture of pressed paper and brightly coloured gauze in striking colours of lime green or fire engine red, and resemble water lilies floating on a pond. Ana says, "Since I was a little kid I liked to cut all types of materials with my favourite red scissors, and to play in the forest taking home all kind of leaves, seeds and stones as treasures. I'm still fascinated how nature makes incredible shapes and colours that people can never create as perfectly. I believe we should never stop playing and that's what I keep doing in life." from http://kathlibbertjewellery.co.uk/reviews/materialgile01.htm

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