A couple of days ago I saw a discussion on internet about wether or not crochet is oldfashioned. Well, I'd say it's as oldfashioned as jewelry or felt. What I mean is it's an old technique, but every technique is as good as you make it. And people have made everything you can imagine with crochet. So this made me feel like exploring the work of talented crochet artists here.

It's very difficult to decide were to start though. But, there is an artist I love, who might be the right one to start with. I admire her artistic atitute and sense of humour. Patricia Waller was born in Chile, but she studied in Germany, Belgium, in the USA and France. She curently lives and works in Germany.

"Wool is often classified as inferior in terms of art and art history. It is not a material of which major works of art are made. We women artists who work with it, reflect our status in art, culture, and society, from this material and method that one can call genuinely feminine. The irony or the humour contained in the work are most definitely intentional. It is important to me to let the beholder access the work. I consider causing a laugh or a smile as a positive and legitimate means of approach. This of course does not mean that I do not take my work very seriously." Patricia Waller

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